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The Science of Pilates

October 25, 2021

When you have a career-long scientist on staff, logic, reason and factual studies find their way into everything. So when we say that Pilates on a Reformer can help you rehab from an injury, know that we have the data to back that up. This 2017 study found that after the training sessions, there were statistically significant differences between the Pilates group and the control group for improved strength in the scapular stabilizing muscles (p = 0.0263) and the lumbar muscles (p = 0.0001). 

In Conclusion: After twelve sessions of Pilates exercises on the Reformer, there were improvements in lumbar and scapular muscle strength. Several benefits are reported by practitioners of Pilates, but until now, there has been limited scientific evidence for the improvement of strength in the trunk and limbs after application of the technique.

Relevance for Pilates students and teachers: Despite the limitations, this study demonstrated that the classical Pilates mat and reformer exercises provide measurable benefits for practitioners of the method, specifically core and shoulder strength.

If you are struggling with an injury and are ready to try some playful functional workouts like our client Ben:

“I spent thousands of dollars on chiropractic care, when I still didn’t find relief, my wife suggested Anisa’s classes. In a matter of weeks my injury was 90% better” – Benjamin Lyons

Then reach out or book a class and learn how Gainesville Yoga + Pilates can help you on your healing journey.

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