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Unlike some other colorful fitness classes, pilates on a reformer provides slow, strength building movements that won’t spike your cortisol levels.

If you want to learn how to breathe, feel like you’ve lost your core, have trouble with balance or are recovering from a back injury, Gainesville Yoga + Pilates can help. We’ve created a community that supports you meeting your goals in swift yet effective workouts. 

The days of putting yourself last are behind you. We are here to welcome you to a sacred space where you feel seen, energized and stronger than Ever before. 

Welcome, Friend!

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Brenda Sistrom

"{Anisa} understands and allows for the variance among bodies, as well as within a body from time to time (or side to side), encouraging students to embrace these differences, and in doing so to understand the basic yogic principle of ahimsa ("do no harm"). She brings a joy into the movements and a peace into the integrations."

Katie Jackson

"Anisa's virtual yoga classes saved my mental health during quarantine. I moved away from Gainesville and was so thrilled I could continue my practice with her. 
 I couldn't recommend her more!"

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Benjamin Lyons

"I spent thousands of dollars on chiropractic care, when I still didn't find relief, my wife suggested Anisa's classes. In a matter of weeks my injury was 90% better"

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With a combined 17 years of experience, Gainesville Pilates classes are accessible to anyone who wishes to practice at any level. We bring joy into the movements and peace into the integrations. Providing a deep commitment to our own personal practices and to our students wellbeing. 

+ Playful Pilates with a focus and purpose.
+ Continuous Improvment.
+ Kindness above all.

Movement Enthusiasts and
Embodiment Coaches

Hi, we're Gainesville Yoga +

A slow-moving flow class which blends restorative yoga, Kripalu with Hatha yoga. Ideal for beginners, those recovering from injury and active agers.

Restorative Group Yoga


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Intimate class of five or less, allow individuals to progress towards more independence without fear of being ignored. 

Semi-Private Reformer


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One on One, 55 minute class completely tailored to your needs, focused on avoiding injury and improving capacity.



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Mindful movemnt is not about just showing up and exercising, it’s about helping clear out what is in your body, the stuff you hold on to that isn’t working anymore, and the patterns that you have around that.

Are you ready to hold space for yourself?